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Tim Head’s Op-Ed Featured in Newsmax

GOP Primaries Work, Proof of Democracy in Action, an op-ed by Tim Head, executive director of Faith & Freedom, argues that the GOP primaries demonstrate democracy in action. 

According to the recently published op-ed on Newmax: 

The GOP primary and caucus process refines the pool of would-be presidential nominees by subjecting hopefuls to a grueling political marathon.

Republican voters all over the country cast their vote, state after state, precinct by precinct, to award delegates to their preferred candidate.

These delegates, in aggregate, reflect the choices of the people who’ve voted over the course of the process.

The GOP nomination is the choice of the Republican party because it’s the choice of the people whom the party serves.

Read Tim’s op-ed: GOP Primaries Work, Proof of Democracy in Action on Newsmax’s website.

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