Our purpose is to do what is right, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of others.

2 Corinthians 8:21

The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is Faith & Freedom Coalition’s exclusive membership for our most generous investors. As defenders of our faith and freedoms, our mission to protect these virtues that made our nation great depends on highly devoted investors like you. We simply cannot do this without you.
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Ronald Reagan once said that freedom is never more than one generation from extinction. Our God-given freedom cannot be passed on to children and grandchildren like an inheritance. Each generation must preserve, protect, and defend liberty or else the flame of freedom will be extinguished. The cause of preserving our nation's founding principles then falls to us, my fellow Americans.

Become a member of our exclusive Inner Circle and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our policy experts and advocacy efforts. The impact we make together today will be felt for generations of Americans

Dr. Ralph Reed
Founder and Chairman

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We simply cannot do this without you.


  • Confidential Quarterly Strategy Report
  • Invitation to attend our Road to Majority conference with VIP seating


  • Liberty Club level benefits
  • Two tickets to our Road to Majority conference
  • Two tickets to the VIP Breakfast hosted by Dr. Ralph Reed
  • Direct access to Faith & Freedom Coalition's senior leadership
  • Participation in 2020 strategy briefing conference calls with Dr. Ralph Reed, strategists, and leaders of our field operation


  • Chairman's Club level benefits
  • Four tickets to our Road to Majority conference
  • Four tickets to the VIP Breakfast hosted by Dr. Ralph Reed
  • Your name engraved in brass on Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Wall of Honor
  • Two tickets to the VIP Briefing Dinner

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  • Founders Club level benefits
  • Four (in total) tickets to the VIP Briefing Dinner.
  • Communication with Faith & Freedom Coalition’s lobbying team regarding legislative efforts at the state and federal levels
  • Private consultations with the Executive Director and senior leadership
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  • Roundtable level benefits
  • Full table of eight tickets to the VIP Briefing Dinner
  • Participate in regular conference calls and annual meetings regarding the complete mission of Faith & Freedom Coalition.
  • Personal consultation with senior leadership, Executive Director, as well as Chairman Dr. Ralph Reed
  • Regular briefings on our internal operations
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External Relations

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