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Human Trafficking

Faith & Freedom Executive Director Tim Head: U.S. Senate Will Act Soon To Stop Online Child Sex Traffickers

Faith & Freedom Coalition Executive Director Tim Head and U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking President Kevin Malone penned the following opinion article that appears in today’s issue of the Washington Examiner imploring the U.S. Senate to pass the Allow States and…


Faith & Freedom Coalition of Georgia Releases Georgia Legislative Scorecards

Duluth, GA – Faith & Freedom Coalition of Georgia (FFCGA) today released its 2017-2018 Georgia House and Senate Legislative Scorecards. VIEW the 2017-2018 Scorecard. “Congratulations to those GA legislators who thus far earned perfect scores of 100%:  Representatives Clay Pirkle…

Pro Life

Trump Administration To Cut Federal Funding To Planned Parenthood

Washington, DC – The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced that, under Title X rules, they would channel millions of dollars away from Planned Parenthood. That money would, instead, be granted to groups that promote abstinence education and sexual…

400+ companies expanding employee benefits.
4,000,000+ Americans receiving special bonuses.
80,000,000 Americans seeing lower utility bills.
90% American workers seeing bigger paychecks.

Plain and simple → these results are not “crumbs.”
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FACT: Porn consumption is contributing to child sex trafficking epidemic.

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