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Justice Reform

President Donald Trump Endorses Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Top Legislative Priority

Washington, DC – Today, President Donald J. Trump at a White House press conference announced his support of the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s top legislative priority — legislation to make the public safer by reforming the federal prison system. The…


Record Evangelical Vote in 2018 Midterm Election

Evangelicals, Faith-based Voters Surged to More Than One Out of Every Three Voters, Backed GOP Candidates by Historic Margins Washington, DC – Led by a record turnout of evangelicals, voters of faith provided the margin of victory for Republican candidates…


Faith & Freedom Coalition Volunteers Reach 3.4 Million Voters in Two Million Homes

Volunteers Have Visited Two Million Homes With 5 Days Left Before Mid-Term Elections Duluth, GA – Faith & Freedom Coalition volunteers have reached 3,434,023 voters of faith at their two millionth door yesterday with five days remaining before the 2018…

God loves every child and so do we! #ProLife ... See MoreSee Less

God loves every child and so do we! #ProLife

Faith and Freedom Friends,

We are pleased with President Trump's endorsement of the First Step Act -- this legislation will make the public safer by making reforms to the federal prison system.

The Faith & Freedom Coalition is committed to achieving lasting reform of our justice system to make our communities safer. Thanks to the efforts of both Republicans and Democrats and President Trump, we are one step closer to giving inmates access to the transformational programming such as drug rehabilitation, skills training, and faith-based education that they need to ensure that they don’t end up back in prison.

This bill passed the House earlier this year by an overwhelming vote of 360 to 59. We urge the U.S. Senate to pass this legislation before Congress adjourns in December so that President Trump can sign the bill into law, giving inmates a second chance to become contributing members of society and return home as good spouses, parents and neighbors.

Now, let's get the First Step Act passed in the Senate!

Timothy Head
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God loves every child and so do we! #ProLife

Executive Director @timothyrhead says we must "make the public safer by ensuring that released prisoners are returning to society without drug or alcohol addictions, and with the education and life skills to become productive members of their communities"

Prison reform is on the horizon -- Now the Senate must pass it

Enactment of the First Step Act would represent the most impactful reform to our federal justice system in years.


Please take a moment to pray for all those who have been impacted by California’s deadliest #Wildfires.