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Ralph Reed Statement On Special Counsel Report Exonerating President Trump

Washington, DC – Faith & Freedom Coalition Founder & Chairman Ralph Reed issued the following statement in response to Attorney General William P. Barr’s release of the special counsel’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

“After 22 months, $25 million and 2,800 subpoenas issued, special counsel Bob Mueller found no wrongdoing by President Trump or his campaign. The investigation concluded there was no collusion, no crime related to alleged coordination with Russia by the President or any of his associates, and insufficient evidence of obstruction of justice. Many lives and reputations have been destroyed during this inquiry and the related hysteria, and many people have been financially ruined, a poignant and painful reminder of why Congress allowed the independent counsel statute to lapse 20 years ago. The special counsel was appointed after a deliberate leak to the media by former FBI Director James Comey in clear violation of DOJ policy and the law. The initial counterintelligence investigation began after false and malicious opposition research paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign was forwarded to the FBI. This constituted a scandalous breach of the rule of law. The findings of the Mueller investigation completely exonerate President Trump, his Administration and his campaign. The media, former Director Comey and his associates, and the Clinton campaign should apologize to President Trump and the American people for putting the country through this needless ordeal.”

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