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Ralph Reed Condemns Anti-Christian Bigotry at Hillary Clinton Campaign

Duluth, GA – Below is a statement from Ralph Reed, Chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, on the anti-Christian bigotry found in the Wikileaks release of emails within the Clinton campaign. “I am deeply troubled by the emails within the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign that show senior campaign officials smearing and ridiculing Roman Catholics and evangelicals. This is anti-Christian bigotry, pure and simple. It is sad, offensive, and un-American. It reveals a corporate culture at the Hillary Clinton campaign that tolerated the expression of bigoted and prejudicial views of people of faith. No one should be attacked because of their deeply-held religious beliefs, much less by senior officials of someone who aspires to the presidency. That Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chair was included in these emails and apparently raised no objection and made no correction to those in her employ is also profoundly disturbing. I call on Mrs. Clinton to apologize for this anti-Christian bigotry and discipline or otherwise make the changes necessary to remove this stain of anti-Christian bigotry from her campaign.”  

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