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Faith & Freedom Coalition Applauds SCOTUS Decision to Defend Religious Schools’ Right to Public Funding

DULUTH, Ga. – The Faith & Freedom Coalition applauds the Supreme Court’s recent decision to permit religious schools to access the same public funding that non-religious schools do. A 2015 Montana program supported donations to private, nonprofit scholarship organizations by… Read More

Faith & Freedom Coalition Celebrates Pro-Life Victory in Iowa

DULUTH, Ga. – The Faith & Freedom Coalition celebrates the recent pro-life victory in Iowa. On Monday, Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill requiring women considering an abortion to wait for 24 hours before proceeding. This is particularly encouraging news… Read More

Faith & Freedom Coalition Disapproves of the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Against Louisiana Abortion Law

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Faith & Freedom Coalition, a pro-life and pro-family organization, is extremely disappointed in the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against the state of Louisiana in the June Medical Services v. Russo case.  Executive Director Timothy Head released the… Read More

Faith & Freedom Coalition Commends Georgia House and Senate for Passing the Criminal Records Expungement Bill

Duluth, Ga. – On Wednesday, the Georgia House and the Senate passed the criminal records expungement bill (SB 288), which will allow certain misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies to qualify for expungement. The Faith & Freedom Coalition commends Speaker David Ralston… Read More

Faith & Freedom Coalition Commends the Trump Administration for Prioritizing U.S. Workers During COVID-19 Crisis

DULUTH, Ga. – The Faith & Freedom Coalition applauds the Trump administration for its decision to temporarily pause a variety of job-related visas, including the H-1B program, the H-2B program and the L program, in addition to certain H-4 and… Read More

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