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Israel ‘rivals’ pro-life issues in evangelical importance this election: Faith and Freedom Coalition founder

Support for Israel has vaulted near the top of the list of issues of concern for evangelical voters ahead of this year’s election, the founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition said Wednesday.

Ralph Reed told the Washington Post in an interview that backing the Jewish state in its war on Hamas may be as critical as issues of abortion and reproductive freedom in deciding who staunch Christians back for president.

“I think I’m being charitable if I say that Joe Biden at times vacillated in his initial full-throated support of Israel in this conflict,” Reed said.

“I think that’s really important to us and in fact, I believe that today, I believe in today’s evangelical, pro-family movement, I think Israel rivals the life issue in their hierarchy of concerns.”

However, remaining pro-life is still the key for evangelicals to support former President Donald Trump, Reed emphasized.

“I would encourage the Trump campaign to proceed in great caution in sending any message of vacillation or retreat when it comes to the defense of the innocent unborn,” he argued.

“If the Republican Party wants to continue to enjoy the fervent and the enthusiastic and the robust support of conservative, orthodox people of faith, that needs to continue to be the position of this party.”

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