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Letter to Speaker John Boehner

he following letter was sent to Speaker Boehner from Ralph Reed today and copied to the entire House of Representatives: Dear Speaker Boehner: On behalf of over 700,000 members and supporters of Faith and Freedom Coalition, I strongly urge you to include language that protects religious freedom and ends federal subsidies for abortion under Obamacare as part of any Continuing Resolution or increase in the borrowing authority of the federal government. As you know, Obamacare forces religious charities, including Roman Catholic hospitals, evangelical colleges, and inner city ministries, to pay for health care services that assault their conscience and violate their faith.  The Continuing Resolution passed by the House on September 29th included provisions of H.R. 940, the Health Care Conscience Rights Act, to protect the religious freedom of Americans. This language was not included in subsequent continuing resolutions passed by the House.  We urge that it be part of any future CR or increase in borrowing authority.  The situation is critical.  In a matter of months, religious charities will be forced to violate their conscience or face massive fines and penalties. Obamacare also directly subsidizes abortion through government-mandated surcharges on policy holders.  This violates the principle embodied in the Hyde Amendment that no person of faith shall be compelled to subsidize taking innocent human life with their hard-earned tax dollars. According to the Charlotte Lozier Institute, 5.57 million women of child bearing age could gain publicly-subsidized abortion coverage under Obamacare, leading to 71,000-115,500 additional abortions in the United States.  Please ensure that Congress explicitly prohibits the use of taxpayer funds to perform elective abortions as part of any government-funding measure passed by the House. I appreciate your leadership and your commitment to the principles of religious freedom and the inalienable right to life. Thank you for your service to our great nation. What Good Can Come from the Government Shutdown?

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