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Letter to North Carolina House of Representatives – Second Chance Act

The following letter was sent to Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, Tim Moore by Faith & Freedom Coalition Executive Director Timothy Head and NC Faith & Freedom Coalition Jason Williams, in regards to the Second Chance Act passing through the House.

Dear Speaker Moore:

On behalf of the national Faith & Freedom Coalition and the North Carolina Faith & Freedom Coalition, we are writing to thank you for your leadership and hard work to pass the Second Chance Act through the House with widespread bipartisan support. Expunging the records of exoffenders who have remained law abiding after completing their sentences will help reduce recidivism, strengthen families and communities, and provide a pathway to redemption for people who want to reform their lives.

Your work will have a large impact on the lives of North Carolinians, not just the more than two million of them with criminal records. By removing the collateral consequences that follow those convicted of a crime (such as significant obstacles to employment, housing, and education), the Second Chance Act makes it more likely that ex-offenders won’t commit new crimes to support themselves or their families. And, reducing criminal recidivism reduces the number of victims, court cases, and broken families in North Carolina.

It is important to remember that reducing recidivism also strengthens families and communities. As organizations that advocate for biblical principles, this bill promotes the concept of redemption for someone who has moved past a regretful offense. Expunction makes it possible for reformed offenders to find work and to support their families. This strengthens the bonds and relationships that support the family, the first building block of society, and the most necessary institution for healthy communities and significantly better outcomes for children especially.

Finally, it is healthy and beneficial to reward good behavior. Those North Carolinians who have paid their debt to society and demonstrated a post-conviction record of lawfulness, deserve to be welcomed back into society. This is precisely the goal of the criminal justice system. We want people to pay their debts and amend their lives. Those who do it, should be rewarded and  restored—for their good, their families’ good, and in the best interest of our communities and our state.

Once again, thank you for your leadership on this issue. It was our pleasure to work with you over the past year on this bill and it is our strong belief that your actions will promote justice and mercy, as well as public safety.


Timothy Head

Executive Director

Faith & Freedom Coalition


Jason Williams

Executive Director

North Carolina Faith & Freedom Coalition 

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