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FL FFC Featured at the Liberty & Justice for All Rally

Florida Faith and Freedom was proud to be a co-sponsor for the Liberty & Justice for All rally in St. Petersburg, Fl. On January 21, 2012 nearly 300 Tampa Bay residents assembled on the St. Petersburg Waterfront to celebrate the key features that make America the envy of the world. The Liberty and Justice Rally featured local pastors, civic leaders, and activists sharing the principles and goals needed at this crucial time in our history. Faith & Freedom Tampa bay Area Chairman, Regina Brown, addressed the new Florida voting registration laws. Regina shared that Faith and Freedom is a Florida Registered 3rd party Organization and will be working with Florida tea parties, churches and civic organizations in their voter registration efforts. The response was welcomed with several groups signing up that day to get started. If you’re in Florida, be sure to “LIKE” the Florida Faith & Freedom<> page on Face Book to keep up with events in your area or schedule a voter registration event.

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