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FFC on the Move: MI FFC Hosting Townhall Meetings

On Monday, July 18th, the Michigan Faith & Freedom Coalition held the first in a series of statewide town halls to discuss what Michigan grassroots activists want regarding the GOP Presidential sweepstakes in the Great Lakes State. Michigan’s Republican State Committee will determine which method (firehouse caucus, convention-caucus, open primary, closed primary, mail-in primary) to select for the 2012 nomination contest. Former Secretary of State Terry Lynn Land explained all the various options to the packed out audience. Another point of discussion was the prospect of whether Michigan would hold the selection method early to become relevant in the presidential process and risk losing half of their national delegates. A large group of conservative, tea-party and other grassroots activists gathered to listen to each other and interface with MI GOP State Committee members in Wyoming (Kent County). A packed house thanked Michigan Faith & Freedom Coalition for allowing their collective voices to be heard in this important process. Two more town halls will be held: Monday, July 25th in Pontiac (Oakland County) and Monday, August 1st in Traverse City. MI FFC signed up many new members and will be hosting a Citizen Action Seminar on 9/16 to plug in the new activists to various west Michigan County Chapters. MI Faith & Freedom Coalition Facebook page

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