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FFC Launches $1 Million Digital Ad Campaign Directed at Voters of Faith in Closing Days

(Duluth, GA) – Following on the heels of the announcement on Sunday that its volunteers had already visited over one million homes , the Faith & Freedom Coalition today launched a $1 million digital advertising campaign targeted at evangelical voters. The digital videos will be distributed to mobile devices of evangelical and pro-life Catholic voters in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Colorado. The campaign ads feature the contrasts between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as well as candidates for the U.S. Senate on the issues of abortion, taxpayer-funded abortion, judges, and the Iran nuclear deal. The FFC digital videos will receive an estimated 26 million views by millions of faith-based voters who have a turnout score of five or above and have been identified as social conservatives and pro-life. “If evangelical and pro-life Catholic voters know where the candidates stand on the issues, they will vote,” said Tim Head, executive director of Faith & Freedom Coalition. “This digital ad campaign, combined with voter education mail, get-out-the-vote phone calls, voter guides in churches, and door-to-door canvassing, will insure a strong turnout of faith-based voters.” FFC’s digital ads are targeted and distributed to the cell phones of evangelical voters, again reaching the voters who are also receiving Faith & Freedom Coalition voter guides, phone calls, and home visits. FFC’s digital team removes early voters from the program as soon as their vote is recorded, shifting video messages to voters who have not yet gone to the polls. A total of 15.6 million evangelical and Catholic voters in twelve key states have been the focus of the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s ground game. The digital ad campaign is the final push of an ambitious program that began in early August to educate and turn out these voters.

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