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Faith & Freedom Coalition To Key Vote American Health Care Act

Vote In Favor of AHCA Is Vote To Repeal Obamacare  

(Washington, DC) – The Faith & Freedom Coalition supports the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and will include the vote in the U.S. House of Representatives today as a key vote in the 115th Congress Scorecard and voter guides distributed to millions of faith based voters across the country. Millions of Faith & Freedom members from across the country were alerted that a vote to repeal Obamacare is imminent and voters of faith continue to flood U.S. House offices with calls and emails encouraging them to vote in favor of the AHCA. Faith & Freedom Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed also issued a letter of support for the AHCA to conservative Members of the U.S. House, encouraging them to listen to “the views of our millions of members and supporters, for whom repealing Obamacare is one of their top legislative concerns.” “The pro-life, pro-family and pro-religious freedom provisions in the AHCA properly address the views of millions of voters of faith for whom repealing Obamacare is one of their top legislative priorities and we encourage the House of Representatives to pass the AHCA,” said Faith & Freedom Chairman Ralph Reed. “Those provisions include the defunding of Planned Parenthood, ending of federal taxpayer subsidies of abortion, restoring the Hyde Amendment, and ending the mandate on faith-based charities such as Little Sisters of the Poor to subsidize medical services to which they object as a matter of their faith.” According to the Government Accounting Office, over 1,000 federally subsidized plans nationwide were covering elective abortion in 2014. Obamacare contains multiple provisions authorizing federal subsidies for abortion, and abortion expanding regulatory mandates, and Faith & Freedom strongly encourages members of the House to vote for the AHCA to eliminate the-subsidizing and abortion-expanding provisions of Obamacare. The AHCA would also restore the principles of the longstanding Hyde Amendment and prohibit any future federal tax credits from subsidizing the purchase of plans that cover elective abortion. “Obamacare has assaulted the consciences and violated the faith of millions of Americans by subsidizing numerous abortion providers and forcing faith based organizations to pay for elective abortion, in direct violation of their Constitutional rights, and we are happy to support the AHCA, which will end those provisions,” said Faith & Freedom Executive Director Tim Head. The AHCA also reforms Medicaid to give the states greater flexibility to provide quality health care for the neediest among us. This is consistent with the principle of subsidiarity, which calls on those of faith to meet the needs of the poor in a manner closest to those in need, not through a wasteful, inefficient and distant bureaucracy. Under the American Health Care Act, open-ended Medicaid checks from Washington will be replaced by a system of per capita spending with specific funding for the elderly, blind and disabled, children, and the able bodied adults who were enrolled under ObamaCare. “We strongly support allowing states greater flexibility in using Medicaid funds that will permit innovations promoting personal responsibility such as work requirements and premium participation similar to those in Florida and Indiana, consistent with the principles of subsidiarity and federalism,” said Head.

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