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Faith & Freedom Coalition Commends President Trump for Opening Up America Again

DULUTH, Ga. – Faith & Freedom Coalition applauds the Trump administration for deciding to open up American again. The White House has put together a three-phased approach to reopening based on the advice of public health experts. Today, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is entering the first phase by opening some businesses, such as restaurants, nail salons and gyms. Other states, including South Carolina and Tennessee, are also beginning to reopen. 

“These leaders are courageously weathering the storm of media backlash to do what’s best for our country,” said Timothy Head, executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. “We celebrate their bravery and encourage everyone to act in full compliance with the health and safety guidelines issued by the White House. The success of this reopening depends on us all doing our part so that our fellow citizens can get back to work and provide for their families.”

The guidelines that the Trump administration has proposed will help state and local officials reopen their economies and safely get people back to work. Reopening will occur in three phases, with advancement from phase to phase contingent on successfully meeting gating criteria. These gating criteria include a reduction in influenza-like illnesses, documented cases and positive tests, as well as the ability of a region’s hospitals to treat all cases without crisis care and offer testing for at-risk healthcare workers.

Phase One keeps senior living communities and schools closed, but allows gyms and large venues to reopen with strict social distancing practices in place. Phase Two reopens schools, permits bars to operate with a diminished occupancy and allows individuals to begin non-essential travel and gather in groups of fewer than 50 people. Phase Three allows worksites to operate without restrictions, reopens senior living communities and permits large gatherings to occur with limited social distancing procedures. The Faith & Freedom Coalition commends state governors who are embracing these guidelines and are keeping people safe while helping to get the economy running again.

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