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Faith & Freedom Coalition Celebrates Trump Administration Cancellation of Contract For Research On Human Fetal Tissue From Elective Abortions

Washington, DC – The over 1.8 million members and supporters of the pro-life Faith & Freedom Coalition are celebrating the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services announcement today that it is terminating the contract between the University of California at San Francisco for its use of human fetal tissue collected from elective abortions. The Trump administration also announced that the National Institutes of Health is discontinuing intramural research that requires new fetal tissues from elective abortions.

“President Trump and his administration have once again taken decisive action in promoting the dignity of human life by instituting safeguards to ensure that all research projects utilizing fetal tissue are operating under proper regulatory, moral, and ethical standards,” said Faith & Freedom Coalition Executive Director Tim Head.

The administration announced in 2018 that it is reviewing possible alternatives to the use of human fetal tissue from elective abortions and the National Institutes of Health announced a $20 million grant program to fund the development of alternative methods of research.

“Advancements in medical science are making research of fetal tissues obsolete and the Trump administration is helping lead the way in developing alternative forms of medical research that do not require human tissue,” said Head.

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