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Big Tech Censorship – The Protection of Our First Amendment Right

DULUTH, Ga. – In the past several months, we have witnessed unprecedented efforts on the part of Big Tech companies to coordinate the censorship of conservative political views. Just this week YouTube banned LifeSite News and removed all of their pro-life videos. And every day, more stories emerge of conservatives and Christians who find their social media accounts suspended, banned or otherwise censored for voicing their views.

Faith & Freedom Coalition is committed to protecting our nation’s First Amendment right and to educate, equip and mobilize people of faith and like-minded individuals to be effective citizens. 

We believe in upholding our First Amendment right for Christians and conservatives across the country to advocate for their right to speak their minds and share their faith,” said Timothy Head, Executive Director of Faith & Freedom Coalition. “We call on politicians to step up to the task and tackle censorship head-on!”

Faith & Freedom Coalition is working on the local and federal level to combat tech censorship. We applaud Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, who has put forward new laws to prevent unbridled tech censorship. We also applaud a bill in Texas that would give citizens a legal right to petition for a declaration if their online accounts are unfairly suspended.

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