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Voters of Faith Key To Victory For Karen Handel In GA 6th District Special Election

Duluth, GA – Led by a large turnout of voters of faith, Karen Handel won the Special Election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District. Although her Democratic opponent outspent her by 12-1 and received tens of millions of dollars in support from outside liberal interest groups, religious conservatives turned out in large numbers and voted overwhelmingly for Representative-elect Handel to put her over the top. The Faith & Freedom Coalition campaigned to educate and mobilize these voters of faith, including distributing over 100,000 voter guides, knocking on over 20,000 doors, and making over 120,000 get-out-the-vote phone calls, and were key in Handel’s ability to overcome her opponent’s spending advantage. “Just as voters of faith turned out in record numbers to elect President Donald Trump, faith voters once again flexed their muscles and were indispensable in electing Karen Handel to the U.S. House of Representatives,” said Tim Head, executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. “Faith & Freedom volunteers showed their effectiveness in galvanizing voters of faith to go to the polls and help elect a like-minded conservative to Congress.” The Faith & Freedom data-analytics-driven grassroots “ground game” focused on faith-based voters in Georgia’s 6th District, specifically targeting those whom the data analytics showed were regular churchgoers, held to a strong faith commitment, and were pro-life, pro-Israel and anti-Obamacare.

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