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Virginia Faith & Freedom Coalition Sponsors First VA Republican Gubernatorial Debate

DULUTH, Ga. – On Sunday evening, April 25, four out of the seven Republicans running for governor participated in the first election season debate. The Virginia chapter of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, along with The Family Foundation of Virginia, sponsored the event, which took place at a church in Colonial Heights. Chairwoman of Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Virginia chapter, Aliscia Andrews, moderated the debate featuring gubernatorial candidates Del. Kirk Cox, Glenn Youngkin, Sergio de la Peña, and Peter Doran. The Faith & Freedom Coalition congratulates our Virginia chapter in hosting this successful debate, less than two weeks before the state party’s nominating convention.


Faith & Freedom Coalition Executive Director Tim Head congratulates Virginia Faith & Freedom on the event: “We are thrilled that Virginia Faith & Freedom Coalition was able to host this important conversation between the Republican candidates running for governor. The people of Virginia deserve to know exactly who they are voting for, and this event was the perfect opportunity to showcase many of the strong conservative voices that the state has to offer them.”


Chairwoman of Faith & Freedom’s Virginia chapter Aliscia Andrews highlights the importance of the debate: “It was an honor to be able to cosponsor the first Virginia Republican gubernatorial debate of the election season alongside The Family Foundation of Virginia. The engaging dialogue between our Republican candidates was monumental in setting the trajectory for how the Virginia election will go. We are extremely pleased to have been a part of this important debate between some of Virginia’s best candidates for office and look forward to the upcoming Republican nomination.”


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