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Trump Administration Releases Final Title X “Protect Life Rule” To Prohibit Federal Funding of Abortion Services

Duluth, GA – The over 1.8 million members and supporters of the pro-life, pro-family Faith & Freedom Coalition celebrate today’s decision from the Trump administration to enact the “Protect Life Rule” at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to cut taxpayer funding of abortion services as part of the Title X family planning program.

“The most pro-life administration in U.S. history has once again delivered on the President’s commitment to protecting innocent human life by stopping Title X family planning dollars from supporting abortion procedures performed by Planned Parenthood and other providers,” said Executive Director Tim Head.

The new Trump administration rule ensures statutory prohibition on funding programs where abortion is a method of family planning, and as a result, would cut-off an estimated $60 million of federal grant funding that supports abortion services provided by Planned Parenthood and other providers.

“Title X funding is the largest source of federal tax dollars provided to Planned Parenthood each year under the guise of family planning grants,” added Head. “However, everyone on both sides of the abortion debate understands that those federal funds are supporting abortion procedures, including late-term abortions. The Trump administration has taken the proper step to ensure that American taxpayers no longer pay for abortions under the Title X program.”

During the public comment period for the proposed rule, pro-life proponents flooded the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services with over 86,000 comments, including 33,130 public comments from Faith & Freedom members, urging the Trump administration to adopt the rule that was finalized today.

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