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Tim Head Op-Ed Featured in the Washington Examiner

Four boxes Trump’s vice presidential pick should check, an op-ed written by Tim Head, the executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, was recently published in the Washington Examiner. In his op-ed, Tim outlines four important criteria that Donald J. Trump’s vice-presidential pick should meet:

1. Loyalty to DJT and his America First agenda
2. The ability to secure votes from a significant constituency
3. Positive relationships with members of Congress
4. The capability to effectively fulfill the roles of both Vice President and President at any given moment

Below is a short excerpt from Tim’s op-ed:

Like the summer, election season is only getting hotter, and tens of millions of people are ready for a change. Over the past four years, record inflation levels, border anarchy, violent conflict abroad, and an executive branch openly in thrall to divisive identity politics and fringe leftist obsessions have made many voters eager to empower Republicans this fall.   

While most attention is paid to the front of the ticket, a vice presidential candidate can have a major role in shaping America’s future. The vice president serves not just as the right hand to the leader of the free world, but as a key adviser and tone-setter on the campaign and in the White House.  

Read full version of Tim’s op-ed: Four boxes Trump’s vice presidential pick should check at the Washington Examiner.

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