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The Faith & Freedom Coalition Looks Forward to Results Following the Texas Special Session of the 87th Legislature, Praise for Gov. Abbott

DULUTH, Ga. – Today marked the beginning of a Special Session of the 87th Legislature in Austin, Texas. The Special Session, which could last up to 30 days, will revive unresolved topics from the 87th Legislative Session, as well as address other key legislative priorities. 

“These Special Session priority items put the people of Texas first and will keep the Lone Star State on a path to prosperity,” said Governor Greg Abbott. “I look forward to working with my partners in the Legislature to pass this legislation as we build a brighter future for all who call Texas home.”

In his proclamation announcing the Special Session, Governor Abbott named eleven legislation items for the session’s agenda. The Faith & Freedom Coalition celebrates in particular the inclusion of HB 3, HB 2 and Senate Bill 12 to the session’s legislative agenda. 

HB 3, also cited as the Election Integrity Protection Act of 2021, will ensure that Texas always has free and fair elections. HB 3 will reform existing voter laws and includes a number of legal measures intended to catch and punish voter fraud. 

HB 2, or the Damon Allen Act, will reform the bail system in Texas. This bill will make it more difficult for violent criminal offenders to be released from custody. “Public safety is at risk because our broken bail system recklessly allows dangerous criminals back onto our streets,” said Governor Abbott. The Damon Allen Act will be a key part of criminal justice reform in Texas. 

Senate Bill 12, filed by Senator Bryan Hughes, will combat social media censorship. For too long, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have engaged in politically partisan content moderation practices. Senate Bill 12 will empower ordinary citizens to sue these companies in the state of Texas for violations of their free speech rights.

The Faith & Freedom Coalition proudly supports Governor Abbot and fellow lawmakers like Representative Murr, Representative Smith and Senator Hughes in their commitment to preserving and protecting the rights of the people of Texas. 

“I want to thank Governor Abbott for calling this Special Session to deal with some of the pressing issues facing Texas,” said Timothy Head, executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. “The bills on the agenda exemplify conservative leadership on the critical issues of election integrity, criminal justice reform and freedom of speech.” 


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