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Statement by Ralph Reed, Chairman, Faith & Freedom Coalition, on Introduction of “Border Security, Economic Opportunity & Immigration Moderations Act of 2013”

While we are still reviewing the legislation and await hearings in the Senate, I applaud Senator Marco Rubio and his colleagues for their leadership in fixing our failed immigration system.  As people of faith, this is not just an economic and security issue; it is a moral issue.  This bill, while not perfect, is an important starting point to reforming and modernizing U.S. immigration law so it reflects faith-based principles of compassion for the alien, the primacy of the family, respect for the rule of law, and protecting U.S. security and sovereignty. When we released our immigration principles in February, we made clear that immigration policy can and should be both compassionate and tough on enforcement.   This legislation is even tougher than the benchmarks we proposed then.  It will enact the strongest enforcement and border security measures in U.S. history.  In addition, requiring the Department of Homeland Security fully implement the E-verify system is a major and long overdue improvement over the current system. America must be a nation of both immigrants and laws.  This legislation is a good start to that end.  We look forward to remaining engaged as people of faith and will work with legislators of both parties to enact immigration policy that strengthens families, grows our economy, and secures the border.

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