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President Trump Signs First Step Act

Washington, DC – The most critical federal justice system reform in a generation, and one of the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s top legislative priorities, the First Step Act, was signed into law by President Donald Trump on Friday.

Faith & Freedom Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed joined President Trump and other justice reform champions at a White House bill-signing ceremony on Friday to celebrate enactment of a law that promotes public safety and gives people in prison access to the transformational programming they need to earn back the public’s trust and to return home as good spouses, parents, and neighbors.

“The past four years have been extremely challenging in our efforts to enact federal justice reform, but today’s bill signing proves that all of the time and effort was worth it as inmates in the federal system will now have a smarter, fairer, system that will reduce recidivism and restore lives,” said Head. “The election of President Trump made reform possible, and alongside champions in Congress such as Representative Doug Collins of Georgia, Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, and the support of forward-thinking leaders such as Senate Judiciary Chairman Senator Chuck Grassley, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Senator John Cornyn, federal justice reform is now a reality.”

The First Step Act would implement a post-sentencing risk assessment system within the federal Bureau of Prisons to determine a person’s risk of reoffending. The Act also codifies that the Bureau of Prisons will utilize proven recidivism reduction programs such as drug rehabilitation, education, skills training, and faith-based programming for all federal prisoners in partnership with non-profit and religious organizations.

“This law, as its name implies, is a great first step in providing ex-offenders with an opportunity to redeem themselves, find dignity and become a valued, contributing member of society,” added Head.

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