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Non-partisan Church Voter Registration Drives

IMPORTANT - Check your state's registration deadline here.

Español - Jornada de Registro de Votación sin partido

Please add your church to our non-partisan voter registration drive list so that our registration teams can provide this important community service in time for the 2022 elections.


Above is a video on behalf of Pastor Nilsa Alvarez when she lead the Stand With God Sunday Registration Movement back in 2016. We hope this encourages you. Nilsa Alvarez - (954) 699-4610 / Nissijc@yahoo.com

IMPORTANT - Check your state's registration deadline here.

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    Due to COVID-19, we understand that many churches need to continue their services online.

    If you’d like our “Registration Sunday“ Video for church members to watch during your ministry announcements so they can register to vote from home with the online information we provide, click YES.

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