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North Carolina Marriage Protection

Marriage Protection Amendments in every other state that have brought the issue to a vote have passed with a majority of the vote by citizens taking a stand for the age-old union. Why do we need more than a law passed by state government: laws can be overturned. Courts are being taken over by activist judges willing to put their own beliefs over the rule of law, and the legislature is filled with politicians looking to please the special interests. Courts are putting pressure on other states to overturn their own laws. A constitutional amendment is protected, and your vote can keep marriage safe from the hands of the government. Voters of the faith-based community must lead the charge to save the sanctity of marriage in North Carolina. Every other Southern state has a constitutional amendment on the books preserving this sacred union. It is time for voters of faith to be active in their support of this amendment by informing their congregation of the vote to come, and asking people to go to the polls. Unless the North Carolina Marriage Protection Amendment is passed, parents will fear the likelihood of their children being taught in school there is no difference between same-sex marriage and traditional marriage. And parents will not be able to object. This Marriage Amendment would recognize only domestic legal unions between one man and one woman. The Amendment would prohibit the government from creating “same sex marriage.”

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