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Evangelical voters turn out in record numbers

EDMOND — State Question 755, the president's rocky relationship with Israel and his position on the so-called "ground zero mosque" were some of the issues that drove a record number of evangelical voters, observers said. Read More

Does Polling Data Reveal ‘Teavangelicals?’

The latest polling data shows that Tea Party members and conservative evangelicals came out in force at the ballot box. Read More

Inside the Beltway

Oh, ye of big faith. Like, really big faith. The largest single constituency in the electorate in the midterm elections was "self-identified evangelicals," who comprised 29 percent of the vote and cast a hefty 78 percent of their ballots for Republican Read More

Ralph Reed on Parker Spitzer

Read More

Researchers: Conservative Christian Voters Can’t Be Ignored

Exit polls reveal that Conservative Christian voters are a large and growing political force that "cannot be ignored," says the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Read More

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