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Mike Huckabee to Receive Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Winston Churchill Lifetime Achievement Award at “Road to Majority” Policy Conference 2023

DULUTH, Ga. – The Faith & Freedom Coalition today announced Mike Huckabee will be awarded the Winston Churchill Lifetime Achievement Award at its 2023 Road to Majority Policy Conference, the largest public policy gathering of conservative and Christian activists in the nation, at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, June 24.

Road to Majority will feature over 70 speakers and an estimated 3,000 attendees throughout the weekend. The purpose of the conference is to empower conservative activists to fight for their values at the polls and in the public arena and to equip attendees with the knowledge and connections they need to drive engagement and voter turnout.

Mike Huckabee began his political career in 1993 when he was elected as lieutenant governor of Arkansas. Following the success of his service and the resignation of his predecessor, he became the governor of Arkansas in 1996, staking his claim as one of the youngest governors in the country. Huckabee was then reelected for two additional terms, in 1998 and again in 2002. 

Huckabee focused on education and health care reform in Arkansas, promoting charter schools and college scholarships. He implemented his ‘Smart Start’ and ‘Smart Step’ educational initiatives that resulted in increased standardized test scores among Arkansas youth. Huckabee was also a voice of change for the Arkansas health care system. Through his creation and implementation of programs like ARKids First and the Healthy Arkansas campaign, children and adults alike saw a drastic improvement in statewide health.

As governor, he also funded improvements for the state’s infrastructure and state parks while also enacting Arkansas’s first broad-based tax cut in 20 years, signing off on $70 million in tax cuts. In addition, he made a drastic cut in the state’s capital gains tax. Both tax reforms greatly altered the economic landscape of Arkansas.

Huckabee has served positions on various Southern boards, councils, and associations, pushing for change in the South. After serving terms as governor, Huckabee ran for U.S. president in 2008 and 2016.

He’s also authored several books, including “God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy” (2015), “The 2016 Presidential Candidates: Who Are They?” (2016), and “Rare, Medium, or Done Well: Make the Most of Your Life” (2018). Huckabee currently hosts the show “Huckabee” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

The Faith & Freedom Coalition’s 2023 Road to Majority Policy Conference will be held at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C., on June 22-24. 

Register now and secure your spot at Road to Majority at ffcoalition.com/about/road-to-majority. To apply for press credentials, please fill out this form

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