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Liberal Crist’s Independent bid faltering in Florida

The independent Senate bid of Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is in serious trouble, according to a new Fox News poll. Crist drew 27 percent of likely voters in the poll of the three-way race. Republican Marco Rubio registered 43 percent support. Democrat Kendrick Meek came in third with 21 percent. Crist’s troubles likely reflect a consolidation of Democratic support behind Meek, a four-term congressman, since his August primary victory and strong support from Obama, former President Bill Clinton and the national Democratic Party. Crist’s Senate run may also be taking a toll on his job approval ratings as governor. Just 41 percent approve of the job he’s doing, and 37 percent do not think he’s honest and trustworthy. Crist has tried to woo Democrats with ads touting liberal positions and playing up his support for Obama. But that may have cost him in the center, where his independent bid began. Rubio’s biggest advantage may be the mood of the Florida electorate this year. Only 37 percent approve of the job Obama is doing; 44 percent say they are angry about the way the federal government is working, 54 percent favor repealing Obama’s national health care program and 57 percent say Obama doesn’t deserve to be reelected. The bitter primary fight for governor on the Republican side, meanwhile, seems to have taken a toll. Nominee Rick Scott trails Democrat Alex Sink — 41 to 49 percent.

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