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‘In God We Trust’ motto done by Boy Scout for Lake Forest

“After quite a battle we finally got “In God We Trust” on the wall in our City Chamber. Praise be to God!”  -Scott Voigts LAKE FOREST After 100 hours of work Ricky Hoffman has completed the city’s “In God We Trust” sign and with it finished his Eagle Scout project. The 14 year-old Boy Scout from troop 747 hopes asked for City Council approval in May to create the city’s motto after a council majority voted in January to put it behind the council dias. City Councilman Scott Voigts and City Councilwomen Kathryn McCullough and Marcia Rudolph supported Hoffman’s idea. Hoffman oversaw a group of 34 people including fellow Boy Scouts, friends, family members and friends from church who all helped him work on the project. The letters were made from redwood, sanded and painted. But the project was harder than it first appeared, Paul Hoffman, Ricky’s father, said. The two made several trips to Lake Forest City Hall seeking approval on the size and font of the letters. On the first visit only three letters were approved. Hoffman and his father enlisted the help of fellow Lake Forest resident Robert Adams, who does woodworking as a hobby. He suggested a process to make the letters more precise. With new letters in hand, the Hoffman’s went back to see Bob Woodings, the city’s public works director. He approved them. The motto was installed on Friday and will be presented to the full City Council on Tuesday.

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