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Gilbert Baker will lead Arkansas Faith & Freedom Coalition effort

By Gregg Keller We’re thrilled to announce that Sen. Gilbert Baker will lead Arkansas Faith & Freedom Coalition. Sen. Baker will assemble our Arkansas team and ensure that we identify, educate and turn out a record-smashing number of conservative voters in Arkansas in 2010. Sen. Baker represents Arkansas’ 30th senatorial district; he is third in seniority in the Senate and is Chair of the Budget Committee. A committed evangelical Christian, Gilbert recently ran a strong campaign for U.S. Senate, raising substantial funds for his campaign and crisscrossing the state aggressively. “I’m very excited to be taking this leadership position with Arkansas Faith & Freedom Coalition,” said Senator Baker. “We have important local and Congressional elections here this year and a critical race for U.S. Senate. Arkansas FFC is going to make sure that conservatives do their part to impact all those races and make their voices heard.” In just six short months, Faith & Freedom Coalition has state affiliates in more than 20 states and has over 400,000 members in all 50 states. Without the support of our generous supporters, it wouldn’t be possible for us to educate and turnout a record number of conservative voters in 2010. Thanks for all you do!

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