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Faith & Freedom Volunteers Visit One Million Homes

FFC “Ground Game” Reaches 1 Million Doors with 10 Days to Go

(Duluth, GA) – Faith & Freedom Coalition volunteers will knock on their one millionth door by the end of the day according to metrics provided by FFC “ground game” staff. By close of business today, FFC activists will visit an estimated 1,003,846 homes of faith-based voters in the key states that will determine the outcome of the 2016 elections.

The home visits have been concentrated in 12 states at mid-to-high propensity voters with a turnout score of 5 or above, as well as voters data analytics determine are either evangelicals or Roman Catholics, and have self-identified as pro-life, pro-marriage and anti-Obamacare. Using a smartphone app, 2,132 volunteers and 257 paid staff working out of 30 field offices are hanging door hangers, passing out voter guides, and using customized scripts to interact with voters based on their specific issue burden.

The door knocks represent the front lines of a ground game that includes 30 million voter guides, 22 million pieces of mail, 15 million phone calls, and 26 million digital ads targeted to the lap tops and mobile phones of 15.6 million specific micro-targeted evangelical and Catholic voters.

“With ten days to go we have already surpassed our goal of visiting one million socially conservative households containing 1.7 million voters of faith,” said Tim Head, executive director of Faith & Freedom Coalition. “Our state and local leaders are executing a state-of-the-art get-out-the-vote program that combines shoe leather politics with cutting-edge data analytics.”

FFC’s “ground game” began in early August with a goal of one million door knocks. Volunteers are expected to knock on 25-40,000 doors per day for the final 10 days.

State Representative Jason Saine of North Carolina, an FFC Team Leader in the Tarheel State, said, “I’m extremely proud of the work that Faith & Freedom activists have done in North Carolina to cut through the clutter, transcend the liberal media and millions of dollars in attack ads, speaking directly with a record number of voters of faith and encourage them to go to the polls.”

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