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Faith & Freedom Coalition Urges Leader McCarthy and Whip Scalise to Vote NO on S.Con.Res.14

DULUTH, Ga. – The Faith and Freedom Coalition sent a letter on Tuesday morning to House Minority Leader McCarthy and House Minority Whip Scalise urging them to vote no on S.Con.Res.14, a concurrent resolution setting forth the budget for FY 2022. In this letter, Faith and Freedom Coalition told the representatives that the Faith & Freedom Coalition will score S.Con.Res.14, and Leader McCarthy and Whip Scalise’s vote will appear in tens of millions of Congressional Scorecards and voter guides distributed in over 100,000 churches nationwide. 

The S.Con.Res.14 budget enables spending that allows a dramatic expansion of government overreach. It would also institute multiple policies such as the Civilian Climate Corps funding, environmental justice programs and other components of the “Green New Deal.” Other inclusions to this budget include universal Pre-K, amnesty for illegal immigrants, welfare housing expansion, mandated and inflexible paid family leave, and Obamacare expansions.

“The proposed bill provides $4.2 trillion dollars in mandatory, discretionary and interest spending over the next ten years and would allow for Congressional committees to introduce legislation that would increase the deficit by $1.75 trillion. In simple terms, this reconciliation package increases the national debt by an unsustainable $17 trillion dollars,” remarked Faith and Freedom Coalition Executive Director Timothy Head.

The Faith and Freedom Coalition strongly requests that House Minority Leader McCarthy and House Minority Whip Scalise vote no for the S.Con.Res.14 budget. This budget would be a travesty to our nation, giving boundless power to our government. 

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