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Faith & Freedom Coalition Supports White House Immigration Framework

President Trump’s Plan Will Secure Our Borders, Uphold The Rule of Law, Strengthen Our Economy & Protect Families

Duluth, GA – Faith & Freedom Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed issued the following statement of support for the White House framework on immigration reform and border security.

“Faith & Freedom supports President Trump’s proposal to secure funding for border security and to protect the nuclear family by giving immigration priority to spouses and minor children.  There are currently one million children waiting in lines around the world who have waited for years wanting to join their mothers and/or fathers. This is wrong and unjust, and the over 1.7 million members of the Faith & Freedom Coalition implore Congress to act quickly to enact the President’s proposal that will strengthen our economy, protect the nuclear family, and provide a safe and secure border. The Bible and the eternal, timeless principles of our faith command us to show compassion and love for the alien among us.  Those same faith-based principles require that immigrants show respect for the rule of law and do not begin their journey to becoming an American by violating our laws.   We hope Congress will end the ideological polarization and partisanship that has bedeviled this debate over immigration and embrace a faith-based blueprint for reform: compassion for the alien, secure the border, respect for the law, and a legal immigration system based on the nuclear family, job skills, and the needs of our economy.  This is the wise and common-sense path to a bipartisan consensus on immigration.  We call on the Administration and members of both parties in Congress to work tirelessly to bring it to fruition.  The time is now.”  

Learn more about Faith & Freedom’s Principles To Guide Immigration Reform HERE.

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