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Faith & Freedom Coalition Supports Florida Gov. DeSantis’s Signing of Fairness in Women’s Sports Act

DULUTH, Ga. – On Tuesday, June 1, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, following in line with 31 other states that have introduced similar bills prohibiting transgender athletes from participating in same-gender sports. So far this year, there have been a record number of bills introduced and passed that aim to protect the liberties and fairness of men, women and children by placing checks and balances in place for the Liberal LGBTQ agenda.

The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act prohibits any transgender athlete from competing in girls’ sports. The law also allows any student to sue if they witness a school allowing a non-biological female participating on a team that is strictly for girls.

The Faith and Freedom Coalition strongly believes that we ought to protect our nation’s children, and Florida’s recent Fairness in Women’s Sports Act is legislation that falls directly in line with this conviction. It is unacceptable to force our young female athletes to have to compete with biological males. In the beginning, God designed and created into existence two very distinct genders – male and female – each with their own capabilities and advantages. To provide justice for our nation’s athletes, we must take action to ensure the integrity of female sports. 

Executive Director Tim Head commented, “It is reassuring and hopeful to see lawmakers and officials like Governor DeSantis stand firm in protecting the integrity of women’s sports even when faced with so much reprisal. It is vital for voters of faith to come together and stand up for what is right.”

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