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Faith & Freedom Coalition Responds to Georgia’s Election Security Bill

DULUTH, Ga. – On March 1, Republicans in Georgia’s House of Representatives voted to pass House Bill 531, a new bill that proposes sweeping election reforms aimed at securing Georgia’s elections. After a 97-72 vote along party lines, the House now sends the bill to the Senate for a final vote. If passed into law, the bill would require voters to submit an approved form of identification in order to vote by absentee ballot. Additionally, the bill would limit outside election funding and place new conditions on when and where absentee ballots can be submitted.

“Americans need confidence that our elections are safe, secure and fair. House Bill 531 is a big step in the right direction,” said Timothy Head, executive director of Faith and Freedom Coalition. “Voter fraud and election insecurity flourish when there are gray areas in our voting process. Georgia’s new bill brings commonsense clarity and order to the way Georgians vote by mail. If the bill is passed, it will go a long way toward ensuring the integrity of Georgia’s elections.”

Predictably, Democrats are already threatening legal action if this Republican-led effort to fortify Georgia’s elections succeeds. But Georgia’s Republicans are not alone; there are more than 230 election security bills currently on the table across 43 states. House Bill 531 is just one part of this broader conservative campaign to secure the American election system.

The Faith & Freedom Coalition advocates for individual liberty and family values, bringing together America’s faithful to champion the cause of the vulnerable and marginalized. To learn more about the Faith & Freedom Coalition, visit https://www.ffcoalition.com.

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