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Faith & Freedom Coalition Responds to Disgraceful Conviction of President Donald J. Trump

May 30, 2024


ATLANTA, Georgia – The following statement was released by Faith & Freedom Coalition Founder and Chairman Ralph Reed in response to today’s conviction of former President Donald J. Trump in a Manhattan court: 

“Today’s verdict is as shameful as it was predictable. The entire process was nakedly partisan from the start, with New York’s leftist prosecutor campaigning on taking down President Trump. The deck only continued to be stacked as the judge permitted prejudicial testimony, prohibited the defense from offering evidence to counter the prosecution’s bogus charges, especially on federal campaign law, and then instructed the jury in a way that all but guaranteed a guilty verdict. No honest observer believes this trial was based on justice or fairness—it was based on hatred for Donald Trump, revenge for his successful conservative presidency, and a desperate desire to derail his campaign.
“Prosecuting and jailing political opponents happens in Third World countries but it has never happened here, until now. Justice requires that this verdict be appealed and we believe it will ultimately be overturned. In the meantime, millions of American voters will respond to this and other politically motivated prosecutions by voting to restore the rule of law on November 5.”
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