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Faith & Freedom Coalition Responds to Biden’s Firing of Sharon Gustafson

DULUTH, GA – On March 5, the Biden administration unceremoniously terminated Sharon Fast Gustafson, the General Counsel of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). President Biden had previously asked Gustafson to resign from her position – a request that she refused, citing the statutory requirement that she serve her full term of four years, which began in 2019 and should have continued until 2023. The decision by the Biden administration to fire Gustafson represents a first-ever break with previous precedent respected by both Republican and Democrat administrations.

“Sharon Gustafson presided over some of the most impressive accomplishments by the EEOC in its decades-long history,” said Timothy Head, executive director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. “As general counsel, Sharon Gustafson was a leader in protecting the civil rights of religious persons in the workplace. She fought hard to make sure the EEOC acknowledged and combatted religious discrimination. By firing her, President Biden has once again signaled his administration’s deep-seated antipathy to religious liberty wherever such liberty clashes with the pet politics of Democrats.”

During her tenure at the EEOC, Gustafson established a Religious Discrimination Work Group that listened to diverse religious groups’ recommendation for how the EEOC can better address workplace religious discrimination. A report outlining the results of this work group was published in January of this year. Before removing Gustafson from her position, the Biden administration scrubbed all reference to this report and any related materials from the EEOC website.

The decision to terminate Gustafson while simultaneously erasing the record of her work for religious liberty is a sure sign that Biden’s plans for national unity are nothing more than partisan politics masquerading as bipartisan consensus.

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