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Faith & Freedom Coalition Praises President Trump For Leading The Way In Protecting Religious Freedom Around The World

Washington, DC – Faith & Freedom Coalition Executive Director Tim Head released the following statement in support of President Donald J. Trump’s keynote address to the United Nations Global Call to Protect Religious Freedom.

“The over two million members and supporters of the pro-religious freedom Faith & Freedom Coalition proudly stand with President Trump today as he took the historic step of being the first sitting President to address religious liberty at the United Nations. The President outlined the U.S. commitment to protecting the rights of people of all faiths around the world to freely worship, calling it a ‘moral duty’ of the U.S. to work with foreign governments to stop violent attacks against people of faith, encourage conscience protections, and repeal laws restricting religious liberty. We are especially thankful to President Trump for committing $25 million to protect religious freedom in nations who regularly violate the rights of religious minorities.”

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