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Faith & Freedom Coalition of Georgia Releases Georgia Legislative Scorecards

Duluth, GA – Faith & Freedom Coalition of Georgia (FFCGA) today released its 2017-2018 Georgia House and Senate Legislative Scorecards. VIEW the 2017-2018 Scorecard.

“Congratulations to those GA legislators who thus far earned perfect scores of 100%:  Representatives Clay Pirkle and Brad Raffensperger, and Senators Chuck Hufstetler, William Ligon, and Chuck Payne,” said Virginia Galloway, Southern Regional Field Director for Faith & Freedom Coalition. “We encourage voters to be informed on how their state Senators and Representatives voted over the past year, and not just rely on party labels when making decisions that impact our state for years to come.”

The scorecards grade members of the Georgia General Assembly on their voting records on 10 key bills each in the Georgia House and Senate during the 2017-2018 legislative session. House members’ votes were measured against FFCGA’s positions on bills dealing with civil asset forfeiture, drug abuse, education and school choice, marijuana, online gambling, sexual exploitation and trafficking, tax cuts, and other matters. Senators’ votes were scored on similar bills, including SB 339 on campus free speech and SB 375 on religious non-discrimination in adoptions. 

“Many lawmakers like to tout their conservative bona fides, but our scorecards provide a clear view of where they really stand on issues important to Georgia families,” said David Baker, Executive Director for Faith & Freedom Coalition of Georgia. “As many bills during the session may deal with same general issues, we don’t score every vote, but those we score provide a good overview of Representatives’ and Senators’ positions.”  

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