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Faith & Freedom Coalition Applauds Trump Administration for Leading Historic Negotiations Between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

DULUTH, Ga. – The Faith & Freedom Coalition applauds the Trump administration for its work to broker a historic agreement leading to the normalization of diplomatic relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Known as the Abraham Accords, the agreement marks a major breakthrough in the region and will stand as a lasting achievement of the Trump administration.

“We congratulate President Trump for his work to help these two nations come to a new understanding,” said Timothy Head, executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. “The agreement advances religious freedom, as holy sites will be accessible to people of all faiths who come in peace to worship. We pray that this will be a watershed moment that saves lives and ushers in greater peace and prosperity to a region that has been plagued by violence for far too long.”

While Israel has peace agreements in place with Jordan and Egypt, the majority of Arab nations do not recognize the Jewish state. The opening of diplomatic relationships between the two paves the way not only for economic growth, but for greater peace in the fraught Middle East. Israel has agreed to cease annexation of the occupied West Bank, suggesting that a two-state solution remains a viable option. Additionally, the two states will join their efforts to treat and develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

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