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Faith & Freedom Coalition Applauds the SBA for Extending Loans to Churches and Faith-Based Organizations

DULUTH, Ga. – Faith & Freedom Coalition Executive Director Timothy Head released the following statement in response to the Small Business Administration (SBA) extending loans to churches and other faith-based organizations. Since COVID-19, churches and faith-based organizations have been hard hit from the crisis as their members can no longer gather in person, limiting their ability to collect offerings. As part of the $2 trillion economic relief legislation enacted recently, the SBA will extend about $350 billion in grants to small businesses experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19. Churches and faith-based organizations are some of the businesses that qualify for aid under the program.

The SBA confirmed in a statement: “… faith-based organizations are eligible to receive SBA loans regardless of whether they provide secular social services … no otherwise eligible organization will be disqualified from receiving a loan because of the religious nature, religious identity, or religious speech of the organization.”

“On behalf of the over 2 million members and supporters of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, we thank the SBA and Trump administration for providing financial support to churches and faith-based organizations. This will help cover pastor salaries, utility bills and other needs. The far Left has criticized this action; however, this is more proof that this administration stands for the freedom of religious expression and will support religious institutions.” – Executive Director, Timothy Head

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