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Defend Religious Liberty!

Right this minute, we’re facing the biggest battle for our culture and our values we’ve seen in decades. North Carolina has become ground zero in the war on Judeo-Christian values. Within the last two weeks, state leaders in North Carolina stepped up for common sense by passing legislation that is long overdue.FFC-Bathroom-Law-Small It may seem simple . . . and it is.   The legislation prevents transgendered men from sharing a public restroom, locker room, or shower facility with your wife, daughter or mother . . . and vice versa. Leaders in the Tar Heel state put their foot down and passed this logical bill that requires men and women to use their biologically correct public facility. Despite this new law impacting almost no one and honoring the right to privacy for women and girls, the radical left and gay lobby is up in arms about it and has coerced many of America’s top companies to pull business from the state unless the bathroom law is repealed. We’re talking Apple, Google, Bank of America, Lowe’s, American Airlines, Pepsi and even the NBA. Click here to write those CEOs. But it gets worse. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned travel from his state’s employees to North Carolina if the bill is not killed—even as he promotes travel to Communist Cuba. And now, Obama’s crowd in Washington has weighed in and is threatening to pull federal funds for schools and highways if the bill remains law. Make no mistake, this is Corporate Blackmail combined with federal coercion. I need your help immediately on this.  Click here to send a letter to the CEOs of some of America’s top companies and tell them that you support this common-sense legislation.  It’s important to know that this bill only impacts public facilities. So if an Apple Store were to allow men to use a women’s restroom (which they do not), they are free to do so. Only, schools, libraries, courts etc., are required to abide by this logical new law. Think about it.  If the gay lobby got its way and killed this bill, a man who dresses as a woman—or simply “feels” like a woman one day—-could walk into your daughter’s or granddaughter’s elementary school restroom and share it with her . . . and it would be perfectly legal! If there is a line to be drawn in the battle for our children and our culture, this is it. Click here to write to these CEOs. After your send your letter, you’ll be directed to a donation page. Because we have so little time before North Carolina’s political leaders cave to this pressure, it is absolutely urgent that we get as many people as possible to write in within the next few days. Our goal is to reach 18 million Americans by the end of the week.  And I need your donation to make that happen.  A donation of $20 can help us reach one thousand people. Why is this so important? Because if you don’t act now, the gay lobby will speak for you.  Our voices MUST be louder than theirs. For too long, the radical left has had a chokehold of political correctness around the necks of Americans.  They use threats, intimidation, and anti-Christian bigotry. Let’s put a stop to this and win this battle so we can move onto the next. Click here to send the letter, then donate $20 or more to help us reach thousands more Americans.

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