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COVID-19 Spurs Record Bible Purchases; Executive Director Timothy Head Comments On This

DULUTH, Ga. – Since the COVID-19 outbreak, there have been a record number of Bible purchases as people are looking for hope during this time, according to top Christian publishers. Companies such as LifeWay Christian Resources and Alabaster have seen large percentage increases in their Bible purchases since last year.  In addition, there has been a dramatic increase in searches on Google about the word “prayer” in the last month when COVID-19 went global, suggesting that people are turning to prayer. Faith & Freedom Coalition, a faith-based organization, rejoices over this news and releases the following statement from Executive Director Timothy Head.

“In the midst of this horrible pandemic, there is hope that is found in the Word of God,” said Faith & Freedom Coalition Executive Director Timothy Head. “People are longing for comfort and clarity during these uncertain and difficult times. The Bible is the living Word of God and is the way the Lord speaks to us and gives us that comfort and clarity. It’s no surprise that in hardship we turn to our Creator and cry out to Him. But my prayer is that people will continue to seek God even after this pandemic passes because He truly is the source of life and the only one who can fulfill us. We are grateful for an administration that values the Christian faith and believes in prayer and in the Word of God.”

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