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Cindy Axne’s Criticism of Christians is Out of Touch with Iowa Values

DULUTH, Ga, – Cindy Axne, Democratic congresswoman for the 3rd District of Iowa, recently criticized her Christian constituents for their position on vaccine mandates, saying, “I’ll be honest with you, the Christian Right is, you know, everything under the guise while they hold the cross, you know, for God or whatever. And they use it like a weapon. And it’s painful to watch. Because they’ve weaponized religion, they have weaponized politics…”


Her remarks display an irreverence for and profound misunderstanding of Christians, their faith, their God and the fundamental protections afforded by the First Amendment.


“Progressives like Cindy Axne love to insult the intelligence and moral character of the nearly 70% of Americans who identify with the Christian faith. It demonstrates, not only her profound disdain of America’s Christian faithful, but also her dismal ignorance of what that faith teaches. For a congresswoman elected to represent almost 200,000 self-identified Christian voters in her district, this kind of remark is incredibly disrespectful, and frankly is just offensive.” said Faith & Freedom Coalition Executive Director Timothy Head.


Congresswoman Axne’s insulting comments have gone relatively unremarked in the mainstream media, a fact that shows how widely unbridled hate speech towards Christian is both tolerated and even expected from those in power. Cindy Axne has no excuse for insulting her Christian constituents, but the media will continue to give her a free pass. It’s up to voters to hold her accountable. 

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