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Faith & Freedom Coalition Turns Out Record Social Conservative Vote in FL-13

FFC Volunteers Knocked on Doors, Passed Out Voter Guides in Churches and Used Data Tools to Contact Voters Online

Faith & Freedom Coalition turned out a record number of pro-family voters in FL-13 in the final weeks prior to the special election, mobilizing evangelical and Roman Catholic voters to play a pivotal role in a campaign that highlighted the toxicity of Obamacare and may represent a harbinger of the 2014 elections. FFC volunteers knocked on 5,000 doors and made 10,000 personal phone calls using FFC’s proprietary VoterTrak software tools, which enable volunteers to contact voters using prequalifying criteria such as issue burdens, demographic information and data analytics.  In addition, FFC distributed 25,000 voter guides in evangelical and Roman Catholic churches and mailed 22,000 pieces of candidate comparison mail.  Using email, text messaging, and social media, FFC also distributed digital voter guides to targeted voters of faith in FL-13 that were viewed a total of 403,929 times. “The eyes of the nation were on the Thirteenth District of Florida last night,” said Florida Faith & Freedom chairman Jim Kallinger.  “We believe 2014 will be a referendum on the failure of Obamacare.  Combined with the persistent salience of social issues, it helped turn out a huge number of voters of faith in this special election.” Regina Brown, State Field Director for Florida FFC, led the volunteer effort.  “Our people worked hard, knocking on thousands of doors and making thousands of voter calls,” said Brown.  “We wanted to make sure Christians were educated on where the candidates stood and that they went to the polls.” Faith & Freedom Coalition will contact and turn out voters of faith nationwide in 2014 and beyond using the most sophisticated data analytics in the industry, as well as traditional “shoe leather” tactics such as home visits and voter guide distribution in churches.

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