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Governor Nathan Deal Vetoes Free Exercise Protection Act

Statement from Timothy Head, Executive Director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, on Governor Nathan Deal’s veto of the Free Exercise Protection Act. “Governor Nathan Deal’s veto of HB 757, the Free Exercise Protection Act, is very disappointing.  The people of Georgia lost today.  Governor Deal had publicly stated his willingness to sign a religious freedom bill that did not authorize discrimination.  This bill does not, and in fact includes an explicit provision prohibiting discrimination.  HB 757 simply protects pastors, churches, and faith-based organizations from being forced to violate their religious beliefs. It also codifies into state law the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, which Governor Deal voted for as a member of Congress.  The Governor’s veto subverts the will of the people of Georgia, who overwhelmingly supported this bill.  This fight is not over. Faith & Freedom Coalition will continue to work for passage of religious freedom legislation in Georgia. We are confident we will ultimately prevail in protecting the free speech and religious expression of all Georgians.” To speak with a representative of Faith & Freedom, please contact Lance Lemmonds or (202) 341-8610.

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