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ACTION ALERT: Petition to Stand with Israel

Dear President Obama: For decades the United State’s and Israel have had an unbreakable partnership, fostered by our leaders and people, and it is incumbent upon you to ensure this relationship is not further damaged.  Your actions and those of the administration have emboldened our mutual enemies to believe there is light between our nations.  As Israel faces an existential threat from Iran, attacks against its citizens around the world, constant missile attacks from Gaza, and a volatile region being taken over by Islamists, we expect your administration to express nothing but support for Israel.  And, we call upon you – the leader of the free world – to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel. Dear Friend of Freedom: We must always remind our leaders that support for Israel is paramount. Israel’s struggles for peace and security reflect our own and we should never think that we don’t share common enemies who are ruthless, evil, and know no bounds. We are living in dangerous times. Iran is on the verge of obtaining a nuclear weapon. Israelis living in Georgia, India, and Thailand are being targeted by terrorists sent by Iran. In Gaza – a territory controlled by Hamas, a terrorist organization committed to the destruction of Israel – terrorists are launching rockets into Israeli neighborhoods. And, surrounding Israel, nations are being taken over by Islamist, anti-Western forces. How is the United States bringing clarity to this dire situation? America is supposed to be the leader of the free world. Unfortunately, we have a president who has portrayed America as weak. His apology and appeasement foreign policy have increased the risk of attack to Israel, the United States, and Americans overseas. Wouldn’t you like to have a president who didn’t embolden our enemies? Send a powerful message to President Obama by signing the petition and making a contribution to the Faith & Freedom Coalition today. As pro-family and pro-freedom Americans, we stand firmly in support of Israel.  Can you imagine living day to day constantly under the threats described above? No, right? But, this is Israel’s reality.  This must change. Let’s show the world that Americans, regardless of our current leadership, stands with Israel. So I’m asking you today to please sign the petition and ask your family and friends to join you. If you don’t want to end up in this position again, we have to promote leaders who understand America’s bond with Israel and seeks to strengthen it, not denigrate it.  Can we count on your support to promote leaders who share our values of faith and freedom? With your help we can identify voters, educate and train citizens, and mobilize like-minded voters on Election Day. The Faith & Freedom Coalition stands with Israel and the civilized world.  If you share our concern for Israel and America’s national security, please sign the petition and consider an on-line gift today of $25, $50, $75 or even $100.

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