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2024 Road to Majority Policy Conference Galvanizes Thousands of Christian Voters Ahead of November Election


The Faith & Freedom Coalition on Saturday concluded its 15th annual Road to Majority Policy Conference in the nation’s capital, featuring an extensive lineup of speakers and panelists, including former President Donald J. Trump as well as South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, RNC Chairman Michael Whatley, and Kari Lake, among others.

As the largest public policy gathering of conservative Christian activists, this year’s conference saw thousands of grassroots attendees and faith leaders from every corner of the country. Speakers encouraged conservatives to fight for their values at the polls and highlighted the importance of Americans of faith engaging in the public arena.

President Donald J. Trump encouraged Christians to get out and vote in November in his keynote remarks, saying, “As you know, the radical Left has tried to shame Christians, silence you, demoralize you, and they want to keep you out of politics. They don’t want you to vote, that’s why you have to vote.”

“We are right on our policy. We are right on our values, and we are right biblically. We want to see a revival of faith in 2024, a revival of a love for America. That love started as a small flame in the hearts of the Founders hundreds of years ago,” said South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, this year’s Patriot Gala speaker.

“Right now, the American family is being attacked by the radical Left. Why? Because they know that if they can replace families with government, they’ll have total control,” said RNC Chairman Michael Whatley.

While speakers did not shy away from the challenges facing our nation, they also offered messages of hope to attendees.  

“Now is the time to champion a future grounded in common sense — built on the spirit of liberty, the spirit of America, built on strength,” said Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin.

 “Sometimes it is one simple act that can change the course of history, but not if you are not involved. Think about how strong we are individually–God made us strong; we are created in his vision…think of how much stronger we are together,” said Kari Lake.

Faith & Freedom Coalition Founder and Chairman Ralph Reed concluded Saturday evening’s gala by sharing, “As we leave here…we have a real big job to do and we need to work harder than we’ve ever worked, and we need to pray harder than we’ve ever prayed.”

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