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Virginia Action Alert

As you may know, the Virginia General Assembly recently passed legislation requiring that women seeking abortions be shown an ultrasound of their unborn child. The pro-abortion lobby and Obama’s allies hate these pro-life laws. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this bill, much of it the result of deliberate misinformation by the pro-abortion movement.

Thankfully the bill passed and pro-life conservative Governor Bob McDonnell signed it today! But the left isn’t giving up. Over the weekend, State Police arrested 30 pro-abortion protestors at the Capitol building. And I understand from our leaders with the Virginia Faith & Freedom Coalition like Senator Steve Martin who helped lead the way towards passing this historic bill that emails and calls to state legislators are overwhelmingly against the ultrasound bill. Counter the voices of the Left-wing today! Please take action now. Call Governor McDonnell’s office at (804) 786-2211. Thank him for signing the ultrasound bill. Let him know that you appreciate his commitment to pro-life conservative values. Next, please thank your state legislators who had the courage to support the ultrasound bill. If your delegate or senator opposed the bill, take a moment to encourage them to stand for commonsense pro-life legislation. To see how your House Delegate voted, click here. To see how your state Senator voted, click here. If you need contact information for your elected officials, click here. Thank you in advance for making your voice heard on this important conservative victory in the Commonwealth! -30-

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