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President Trump Issues Executive Order to Combat Human Trafficking

President creates new position within Domestic Policy Council to address human trafficking

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 31, 2020 – President Trump today announced that the White House would expand the Domestic Policy Council to include a post dedicated to combatting human trafficking. Faith & Freedom Coalition, a strong advocate in the fight against human trafficking, commends President Trump for this step and applauds his continued commitment to ending this crime in the United States.

Since President Trump took office in 2016, he has consistently prioritized bringing traffickers to justice and helping survivors of trafficking find healing and renewal. In addition to speaking publicly on the issue, he has invited survivors and anti-trafficking advocates, including Faith & Freedom Coalition leaders, to the White House to share their stories and discuss anti-human trafficking efforts. Ivanka Trump has likewise emphasized the importance of ending this scourge on our nation and frequently reiterated the White House’s commitment to ending human trafficking.

“On behalf of the 1 million members and supporters of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, we thank President Trump for helping to make our country a safer place,” said Executive Director Timothy Head. “Although this issue should be of great importance to every American, it should be of particular importance to conservatives. Human trafficking violates every human’s God-given right to privacy and bodily autonomy. It is unconscionable that this industry exists in the land of the free, and we are glad that President Trump is leading the fight to end it.” 

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